General questions

Live auditions are not held in my country, so I have to go abroad where the audition is held.
Can HPAC support the process of issuing the visa required to enter the country?
You will be responsible of the actual visa application procedures yourself. HPAC can sign the necessary documents only if you are taking the live audition in Japan, but we cannot sign the documents for visa in other regions.

About application

I cannot apply online. Can you accept by postal mail?
We only accept online applications. We do not accept any applications by postal mail.
Can I apply for the audition by email (sending CV by email)?
We only accept online applications. Applications submitted by email will be invalid.
I am using my mobile phone email address for my “Google Account” when applying for an audition. Can this account be accepted?
Please do not use mobile phone email addresses (Softbank/DoCoMo/Ezweb/Ymobile, etc.) for your “Google Account” as there are risks of running into a problem our email does not reach you. Please use another email address (webmail like gmail) for a “Google Account”.
I can’t upload photos. What should I do?
As instructed in the application form, please change the file name to “Instrument name_applicant’s name.jpeg” and upload it.
Also, please check if the data format of the photo is JPEG.
After submitting the application online, I realized that I made some mistakes in the application.
Can I reaccess to my application page which I submitted already?
Due to system limitations, it is NOT possible to access to the application form which were submitted already.
Please contact the audition committee via email and ask for assistance.
Does the secretariat keep links to videos submitted in the past? Also, can I use that video for the first screening of this audition?
All recordings as well as documents (personal information) submitted in the past are voided once each audition ends. As mentioned in the guidelines, please send a link of your recent performances recorded within last three months.

About the preliminary audition (YouTube video)

When will the results of the preliminary (YouTube video) audition be known?
The results of the preliminary audition will be notified by email by Friday, January 26, 2024.
If you did not receive a notification after January 27, 2024, please contact us by email at audition2024@gcenter-hyogo.jp.
Please be sure to register above email address in your address book so that emails from HPAC do not end up in your spam folder.

About the final (live) audition

When will the final audition results be known?
Final audition results will be notified via email by Saturday, March 30, 2024 at the latest.
If you did not receive the result after March 31, 2024, please contact us by email (audition2024@gcenter-hyogo.jp).