Information of 2023-2024 Season Audition

Qualifications and Audition Procedures

  1. Applicants must be professional-level musicians who have completed most or all of their formal training, and who are in good health.
  2. Applicants must be younger than 35 years old as of April 1, 2023.
  3. Applicants are required to join the Orchestra starting from September, 2023.
  4. Applicants are required to have basic proficiency either in English or Japanese.
Preliminary (YouTube video) Audition   ※The application was closed.

To apply, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Check the repertoires for the preliminary (YouTube video) audition below, and record your performance.
    ※Please prepare the music of the repertoire for the preliminary (YouTube video) audition on your own.
  2. Upload your video on the YouTube site (YouTube Studio) as “Unlisted mode”.
    ※Please follow the steps below to record your video.
    • ・Video must be recorded within 6 months prior to the submission date.
    • ・All repertoires must be recorded on the same day at the same venue.
    • ・Video must be taken horizontally.
    • ・Video must be taken from the same angle and it has to capture face, body, and fingerings of the applicants’ clearly.
    • ・All repertoires must be recorded in one track. (no stopping or editing)
    • ・If the fingering of the video does not match with the audio of the video, the submitted video maybe disqualified for audition.
    • ・Do not use the “Auto Volume Control Function (AGC, ALC, etc.)” as it may reduce the dynamics and nuances of the performance. It often results in a recording which does not accurately present your actual performance.
    • ・The sound volume of the video shall not be too loud (or too quiet), and it shall not contain noise.
    • ・Piano accompanist for concerto is not required.
    • ※If you need further assistance in uploading video on YouTube, please read and check the official website below;
  3. To apply, click the application form below and fill out. Please also upload your photo, and professional resume which supports your career and educational history by the deadline.
    *Professional resume can be an arbitrary format, but must be written either in Japanese or English.
    *Please make sure to list the YouTube link of your video in the section 1 of the entry form.
  4. All documents sent will be only used for the purpose of audition evaluation and will not be returned.

【Submission Deadline】
5PM (Japan Standard Time), Friday, January 13, 2023

【Notification of Audition Result】
The result of the Preliminary (YouTube video) Audition will be notified to all applicants by email by January 27, 2023. Successful candidates of the Preliminary (YouTube video) Audition will be notified about the venue, date, time, and repertoire for the Final (Live) Audition.

Final (Live) Audition
Final (Live) Audition will be held in cities in Japan, the US and Europe as follows:
*Auditions for Timpani/Percussion will be held ONLY on the days and in the cities with an asterisk (★)
Nishinomiya: February 5(SUN) and 6(MON)
Tokyo: February 26(SUN), and 27(MON)

Philadelphia: March 7(TUE) and 8(WED)

Munich: March 11(SAT) and 12(SUN)

*Final (Live) Audition schedule is subject to change.

*Depending on the situation under the circumstances of novel covid-19, the partial audition (or all) may be cancelled.

*Repertoire for the Final (Live) Audition is informed separately to the successful candidates of the Preliminary (YouTube video) Audition.(Music for the Final (Live) Audition will be provided by HPAC orchestra.)

*Specific passages to be played will be designated by the jury at the time of audition.

*An accompanist is not required for both preliminary and live audition.

*Memorization is not required for performing at the audition.

*Applicants are responsible for all audition-related expenses, including travel, lodging, and instrument renting/shipping.

*The result of Final (Live) Audition will be notified to all applicants by email by March 25,2023(SAT).

  • *All Application materials will not be returned.
  • *The Kobe District Court shall be the competent court for settlement of any disputes regarding rights and responsibilities arising from this audition.
  • *Upon receipt of an application form from an applicant, it is assumed that all the descriptions and precautions in this guideline is understood.

Work Eligibility/Visas

Successful non-Japanese candidates will need to obtain Japanese working visa to work as a core member at HPAC. HPAC Orchestra office will assist in preparing the documents for applying visa for successful candidates, however, it is their responsibility to apply at their consulate in their country and obtain the visa. This Contract shall be invalid without the Japanese working visa.

Conditions and Benefits

Qualified Core Member will be engaged in the orchestra activities for the period between September 1, 2023 and August 31, 2024. The Contract can be renewed every year up to August 31, 2026 under the terms of the contract. A maximum of 220 orchestra service days shall be scheduled each contract year.
a) The compensation based upon the contract agreement is 3,600,000JPYen, pre-tax, (approximately US$ 25,207, € 25,030)* per year, and will be paid in 12 month installments. Although the compensation is paid monthly, it is not a salary base. Also, the contract between the core member and HPAC is “performance base contract” and not an employment contract. Aside from withholding tax, each core member is responsible for local tax, rent, utilities and Japanese social insurance payment.

b) A transportation fee will be paid according to the stipulation of the Organization.
Each Core Member is required to join the National Health Insurance Plan and the National Pension Plan and is responsible for its premium. Employment insurance and worker’s accident insurance are not available.
The Hyogo Performing Arts Center maintains apartment units in Takarazuka City, located 10km (6.2 miles) from the Center, a 45-minute commute by a combination of bus and train.
An unfurnished apartment will be provided to each core member at a subsidized rate of ¥13,700 (approximately US$ 96, €95)* monthly. Each apartment is equipped with an air-conditioned soundproof room, private bathroom/bathtub, toilet, kitchen with gas stovetop, and light fixtures.
Travel Grant
Each new Core Member moving from outside Japan will receive a one-time airfare reimbursement of up to ¥100,000 (approximately US$ 700, €695)* to assist in their initial travel to Japan.
Audition Grant
Each Core Member can receive an audition grant to help defray expenses for taking auditions outside of Japan up to a specified amount set by HPAC.

*Exchange rate of US$1=¥142.82, €1=¥143.83 (as of September 12, 2022) is applied for calculation.


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