2021. 2. 10


またすぐにでも日本を訪れ、素晴らしいオーケストラとともにコンサートで演奏する機会が得られることを願っています。 音楽は人々に多くの感動やポジティブな気持ちを与えてくれるのですから。

私たちはそう遠くない未来に愛するコンサートを取り戻すことができるという希望を諦めるべきではありません。 状況が許すようになり次第、私は喜んで兵庫に戻って参ります。


For 20 and 21 of March we had planned my debut with the Hyogo Performing Arts Center orchestra and for months I had been preparing myself for this event. I had heard about the great reputation of this orchestra and for this occasion we had chosen a great program for your concerts. But the Covid crisis has changed so much in our life. And with the government’s announcement of the prolongation of lock down in Japan there was no possibility any more to get a Visa and a permit to travel to Japan. I regret this very much since I would have liked so much to perform for you.

I am hoping very much that soon there will be another opportunity for me to travel to Japan and to play with the great orchestra in a concert . It is so much excitement and positive feelings which music can give to people.
And despite the Covid crisis is causing so many obstacles to our life , music can heal wounds and help us to overcome the many difficulties we are facing.
We should not give up our hope that there will be a return to our beloved concerts in a not too far future and I will be happy to come to Hyogo as soon as the situation will allow.

Please minnasama, take care, stay healthy and see you soon !


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